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Welcome to IDL International!

Since 1977, through various retail stores and more recently on the Internet, we have supplied clients from all over the world with our International Drivers Translation Documents. These documents are designed to provide you with an authentic translation of your government issued license and passport using 10 different languages and will certainly ease any complications where foreign officials might have cause to peruse your documents, and are exactly what you'll need to rent or drive a motor vehicle outside of your home country.

Our clients throughout the last 39 years include personnel from Fortune 500 companies, military contractors, serviceman and women as well as anyone traveling abroad for business or pleasure.

International driving permits issued by governmental agencies or private organizations designated by a country's government are the only official translation of a person's driver's license. Our translation has no official status and does not confer any legal privileges or rights to consumers. ONLY a government issued drivers license grants driving privileges.Neither our IDL document nor any other private company can issue a document that will let you drive without carrying that government issued license,but with our document and said government issued license you can drive anywhere in the world.

Our document is very straightforward; a small passport sized booklet with 10 translations, including English, of the information supplied on your application. Our documents have been used in virtually every corner of the world and ordering couldn't be more fast or simple.

Our philosophy is to treat each and every customer as we would want to be treated when conducting business, so customer service is our first and foremost priority.

Simply follow the order online link below to begin. Once there, you will choose term, shipping method, payment option etc.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

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  3. Send us ONE (1) passport "style" photo in a jpeg format image file and email it to us to be embedded on your license.
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No Professional Passport Photo Required!

It is important that you submit your photo promptly. An actual passport type photo is great, but, if you have any nice clear color, straight forward photo in your files, that will work as well. We can photoshop vacation shots, business pictures, even a photo taken from the chest up against a light colored wall with a cell phone or digital camera works well. If you have a SmartPhone, just take a photo and email it to us!

We can even take you out of a picture with friends as long as heads are not too close. Don't worry about the size or cropping, we'll take care of that. Sending in a Jpeg is a must, so we can use a photo program to make the highest quality print for your document.

*If you prefer to submit your application by regular mail - we can do that too. Read more on submitting your application by regular mail.

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For pertinent questions that are not already answered on the website,
call 859-548-5955 (9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time).

AAA and the National Automobile Club were designated in 1952 as the official vendors of International Drivers Permits.

Remember! Your International Driving Translation MUST be accompanied at all times by your original valid driver's license.Therefore any mistakes or misreprensations on your application,making the two not match,voids your attempts to use the translation. You are not allowed to present the IDL as a "stand alone" document because it is only a translation of your original,and actual government issued driver's license. Please note that our documents grant no driving privileges what so ever. Only the official driver's licenses issued by the official governmental body can be used for the legal operation of a motor vehicle.